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Betting Systems

Increasing Your Chances of Winning with Betting Systems

Many people utilize a betting system when they play at the casino (you know, that friend that once said “don’t worry, I have a sure-fire system!”… whatever happened to him, anyway?)

In all seriousness, your friend isn’t alone in thinking of using some sort of betting system. The concept of a betting system has been around for a long time, as long as the pastime of gambling itself, in fact.  Essentially, establishing a betting system/structure is usually a more organized way to gamble, as it sets up a better approach to sizing and timing one’s game.

While betting strategies deal with money risk situations, the structure is only able to allow a player a limited bit of influence in regards to the game.  It does, however, provide a more deep understanding of how the game in question is played. It also takes a lot of emotion out of play, which can be both a good and bad thing.

When it comes to betting structures, there are three different types of betting systems: Positive progression betting, Insurance betting systems, and Negative progression betting.

  • Positive progression betting is simple and ideal.  Basically, whenever you win, your bet is increased.  This is a popular system as it does not rely on a large bankroll in order to play. The popular D’Alembert system is an offshoot of this.
  • Insurance betting systems does a complete turn from positive progression in that when a person loses, their corresponding bet is decreased.   This is a “safe bet” in the betting world, usually put into play after a few “let it ride” sessions.
  • Negative progression betting, however, actually increases the size of the bet if a person loses. It is a riskier move that is used to compensate a losing streak.  Unlike the positive progression betting technique, a larger bankroll is required. The popular Martingale System is an offshoot of this.

While each of these techniques offers advantages and disadvantages, it should be noted that there is no sure fire advantage of using one over the other.  Depending on the situation, one technique may provide a better advantage, but also cost you more in terms of money you must lay out. It really depends on your tolerance of risk.

Following a betting system can be way to gain a better perception (or in some hard luck cases, a mis-perception) of the playing in a casino environment.  Just keep in mind that while establishing your own betting system can help you to set up a strategy, it is not going to change the way games are played, so don’t think your “sure fire” strategy is going to give you / allow you to keep an indefinite edge (because it won’t).

Sometimes, it may be best to use the most “sane” system of all – the “I’m playing with x amount, and if that goes, I walk.”  Good luck out there!!