Jimi Hendrix Slot Review

Having accomplished so much in the music industry, it’s certain that the name of Jimi Hendrix will live on forever! As the saying goes, legends never die! The Jimi Hendrix online slot from NetEnt helps keep the legend alive.

In line with this and immortalizing this legend, NetEnt has honored him by developing an exciting slot under his name – Jimi Hendrix Slot Machine. It happens to be the second release in a series of Rock ‘n Roll themed slots by NetEnt. While Jimi could do the unthinkable with his guitar, Jimi Hendrix Slot Machine does the unthinkable by offering you some massive wins. Continue reading our Jimi Hendrix online slot review and see what’s in store for you!

About Jimi Hendrix Slot Game

It’s July 4, 1970 at the Atlanta International Pop Festival…350,000+ people are pressing against the security railing in a bid to get an inch closer to the legendary Jimi Hendrix – perhaps to get a better view of the legend. From the back to the front, the immense pressure on the barrier makes it feel as if it will collapse any minute.

Fans are raging against one another and nearly screaming their hearts off to Jimi Hendrix’s songs. They don’t want the night to end… not until Jimi has treated them to another performance. This starts off as he (Jimi) walks off the stage, the energetic atmosphere changes all of a sudden. Suddenly, the atmosphere is filled with echoes of screaming and booing – all pleading with Jimi to give them one last performance.  Five minutes, and it feels like forever!

Jimmy bows to the pressure and when he finally makes his way back to the stage, the crowd explodes with euphoria. It’s a scene to behold and anyone who will play Jimi Hendrix slot game will agree with us. As he performs, the fans (and new players) are clueless that Jimi Hendrix is about to make a major announcement – the release of the brand new, self-titled game – Jimi Hendrix online slot.

The introduction above will transport you straight to the famous Woodstock arena where you will experience one of the best performances by this rock maestro. As you enjoy the sighting, songs such as Little Wind and Foxy Lady plus four others will be playing in the background. These songs have also been used to give names to the six bonus games in Jimi Hendrix slot(s).

Jimi Hendrix Online Slot Gameplay

Behind the energized performance and tie die, Jimi Hendrix slot(s) has a 5 reel by 20 payline format and comes with a high RTP of 96.9%. When you compare this to what most of the other online casinos have to offer, you’ll realize that it’s highly ranked. Furthermore, NetEnt has classified it as low volatile slot, so you can expect small-medium payouts from time to time.

Offering a massive payout of $80,000 and stakes that run from as low as $0.20 up to a maximum of $200 per spin, this all-inclusive budget ensures you can play and have a shot of landing the top prize. There’s also the touch version of Jimi Hendrix Slot(s), which has been designed for play on different mobile devices, making it possible for you to play the game even on the move.

Jimi Hendrix Slot Features

Jimi himself plays the all-important role of a wild symbol, which is very appropriate for him given his famous propensity for throwing wild parties. However, he is in a very good mood in this game as he substitutes for all the other symbols besides the scatter. Talking about scatter symbol, there are plenty of them. The game boasts up to six scatter symbols that trigger different bonuses.

The first of many features is the Purple Haze feature. It becomes automatic as soon as you’ve landed the Purple Haze symbol on the first reel. Once active, all the low paying symbols turn into wilds. If you manage to land at least four Red Guitar symbols, then you activate the Red Guitar feature.

Once active, the red guitar feature introduces red guitars as overlays as the remaining part of the reels are re-spun. This will continue until the whole screen is covered with red guitars or when there are no more red guitars being landed on the reels.

Online Jimi Hendrix slot also has three Pick and Click scatters that will launch the Pick and Click game. Once active, you’ll have to click on the hidden symbols to uncover more bonus games including the Little Win free spins game, Purple Haze free spins game or the Cross Traffic Free spins game. These free spins are accompanied with multipliers of between 8×-30×.

Jimi Hendrix Mobile Slot

NetEnt has designed Online Jimi Hendrix slot to look and play like a dream on tablets and mobile devices. Playing it on small screen or large screen devices won’t make a different as the game adjusts to the size of your screen. This way, you can fully enjoy the game.

Jimi Hendrix Online Slot

Furthermore, NetEnt has included the left hand mode that lets you switch the spin button to the left handed side of your screen. Btw, did you know that Jimi Hendrix was a natural leftie? However, his dad tried forcing him to switch and play right-handed as he believed playing using his left hand was a sign of devil worshiping!

Rock Out With Jimi Hendrix Slot at NetEnt Casinos Today!

It’s difficult to criticize any slot developed by NetEnt as the company seems to be keen in ensuring that all their releases offer a sense of uniqueness. This is also evident in Jimi Hendrix Slot where there are six different bonuses, triggered by different scatter symbols. Furthermore, the overall design of the game is a fitting memory of Jimi Hendrix.

Are you set to rock ‘n’ reel? Play Jimi Hendrix slot game at any of our recommended NetEnt casinos today!

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