Secrets of Atlantis Slots Review

There are hundreds of slot games that draw inspiration from the legend of the Lost City of Atlantis – one of which is NetEnt’s Secret of Atlantis slot machine. This is yet another visually inspiring game that comes with plenty of features, nice rewards and very flexible bet limits.

As per the myth of old, the Lost City of Atlantis was submerged by massive earthquakes and great fire by the Greek Gods. It turned out that they weren’t happy with the people of Atlantis for becoming a bunch of greedy money loving citizens. To punish the people, they sent waves that ‘swallowed’ the city, never to be seen again.

About Secret of Atlantis Slot Machine

Now it’s up to you to dive deep into this underwater-themed slot and see if you can recover the treasure that sunk with the fabled city. And since NetEnt loves making unforgettable intros, you can be sure that Secrets of Atlantis slot game won’t disappoint with the intro, which leads you from the surface down underneath the waves to the deepest and darkest part of the sea’s floor. Set amongst temples and pillars, in the squelchy distance, you’ll see the shining city that beckons in an uninviting manor.

Taking the attention of the game, there’s also a beautiful mermaid that floats in the center reel. She plays a crucial role of being a stacked wild and often nudges to become a full stacked symbol if she appears – or partly appears – on any other symbol.

Otherwise, the other symbols that you’ll come across on the reels include a Turtle, a Jellyfish, a crab encircled in a bubble and gem-like versions of these symbols. The deep sea Pearl symbol sits astonishingly in her cool and plays the role of the top paying symbol. Low paying symbols in Secret of Atlantis slot game include standard card symbols 10s through Aces. All these symbols are beautifully rendered!

Secret of Atlantis Online Slot Gameplay

Secret of Atlantis slots has a 5 reel by 40 payline configuration, which can easily be adjusted to fit your bet limit. It also has a high RTP of 97.07%, higher than even Starburst slot game. And as a medium-high variance slot, Secret of Atlantis Online Slot promises high payouts from time to time.

To increase your chances of landing these massive wins, you need to ensure that stretch your play time for as long as possible. And the best way to do this is by having a sound bankroll management plan in place.

In-game Features

Secret of Atlantis slot(s) has three features. They include:

Mermaid Nudge Wild Bonus Game

As we stated earlier, should you land a small part of the Mermaid Wild during the Colossal symbol re-spin feature on the reels, then any part that hasn’t shown on the reels automatically nudges into place. This results into a full wild reel that created more room for wins!

Colossal Symbols

In addition to the mermaid nudge feature, Secret of Atlantis slots comes with what is referred to as colossal symbols. In case you are wondering what they exactly – colossal symbols are those symbols that expand in size and occupy several positions on the reels. Typically, they occupy a 3×4 tile area at the centre of your reels to reward you with bigger and better wins, as well as an opportunity of a re-spin.

Secrets of Atlantis Slots

Regular slot players might have already come across this feature in one of the NetEnt slots such Spinata Grande. However, unlike in Spinata Grande where the colossal symbols come out of nowhere, in Secret of Atlantis slots, they are well calculated.

So how does one trigger the colossal symbols feature in Secret of Atlantis Slots. Well, the answer lies in reels 2, 3 and 4 which have a highlight feature. In this, the middle reels are highlighted each and every time you spin the reels. If you are lucky enough to land all the symbols as highlighted, then the Colossal Symbols feature is triggered.

The Colossal symbols feature gets even better. If you manage to land colossal symbols that are stacked during the colossal re-spin game, then the colossal stacked in nudged down or up to occupy the three middle reels. So complicated, right? Of course not! It might sound like so in paper but once you play Secret of Atlantis free online slot game, you’ll realize it’s quite easy and straightforward.


NetEnt loves intros – and something else that surpasses their love for intros is their love for in-game bonus rounds. And in Secret of Atlantis Slot game, there are plenty of in-game features. For instance, the incredible number of 40 paylines and both ways pay system is a highlight of how unique NetEnt is. Couple this with the Colossal Symbols Re-spin and Highlight Feature, then you are assured of extra excitement. Play the free version of this game at any one of our recommended NetEnt online casinos today and see for yourself how all these features work in sync to reward lucky players!

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