Man of Steel Slot Review

Man of Steel Slot Review

Man of Steel slot game is giving you an opportunity to fill the boots of Man of Steel aka. Superman and help him defeat his arch rival General Zod. This 5 reel release comes with a unique payline feature, which can easily change from 25 to 50. And as part of the Playtech’s DC Comic superhero slots, it comes with a progressive jackpot attached to it. Furthermore, it offers two game modes accompanied by some slick presentations for your enjoyment pleasures!

If you are a big fan of Superhero movies or you are just searching for a game with plenty of in-game action, then you should continue reading our Man of Steel online slot review. Our guide will help you find out what features await you and how you can help the Man of Steel overcome General Zod.

About Man of Steel Online Slot

Planet earth is under attack! And who is the best option to call upon and save it other than the greatest hero of all time? You guess is as better as ours – Superman!

On the outside, our savior is nerdy, bespectacled journalist Clark Kent. However, on the inside, he is the super man Kal-El, a foreigner from planet Krypton that’s on the edge of self-destruction. Unlike the majority of the other Krypton dwellers, Kal-El was born naturally without the use of any genetic engineering. And to save him from the general population, his parents decided to send him here on planet earth for ‘safe keeping’.

As we are all aware of, Kal-El lands in Kansas where he is quickly adopted by a childless couple. But life isn’t easy for him, especially after General Zod and his ruthless squad show up after fleeing from exile on their spacecraft. Their main aim is to wipe us all off from the face of the earth and establish their new Kryptonian colony here.

But this won’t happen. Not today or tomorrow. You, alongside the Man of Steel are going to postpone this to a later day by fighting them on the reels of Man of Steel slot game. In return, you’ll get to walk through various in-game bonus rounds where you’ll pick several cash prizes and multipliers.

Graphically, Man of Steel slot(s) does justice to the original film characters. On the reels, you’ll quickly realize Michael Shannon, who plays the role of General Zod in the Superman film as well as Henry Cavill as Superman. Besides these two, you’ll also notice several supporting characters from the film including Superman’s dad and Lios Lane.

We also liked the detailed and bold background that looks superbly awesome but does not distract you from the main aim – which is saving the world to get some wins.

Man of Steel Slot Machine Gameplay

As you play Man of Steel slot game, you need to keep one thing in your mind – your objective is to land the free spins as you head into one of the two game modes – the Battle for Earth or Save Krypton modes. While here on earth (or during the Battle for Earth mode) supportive symbols will be Superman and his

close family members. However, when you switch to Save Krypton mode, you’ll have to accompany Superman and Jor-el to keep the advancing armies of General Zod in check.

As you play Man of Steel slot game, you’ll come across five reels and 25 adjustable paylines during the standard game. However, there’s an option of increasing this number of paylines to 50. More on how to do this later.

Like the majority of other Playtech slot(s), the bet range is very diverse. The minimum you can wager is set at $0.50 while the maximum is at a whopping $2,500 per spin. This very diverse bet range is in line with Playtech’s goal of ensuring all sorts of players have something to pick from their products.

Man of Steel In-game Features

While Playtech is the official partner and producer of DC Comics slots, there are several other spin offs to some of the Superhero slots. But even then, none quite beats what Playtech has to offer, including Man of Steel slot(s). Starting from the graphics and animations to the in-game features, the original DC Comic slots from Playtech reign. In Man of Steel slot machine, there are plenty of features that we’ll cover in this section.

Multiple Wild Symbols

One of the outstanding features in Man of Steel slot game is the number of wilds it has to offer. In total, there are six wilds that include a regular wild, the Jor-El wild, Namek Wild, Faora Wild, General Zod Wild and Superman Wild. All these wild symbols play different roles in the game. However, the most notable ones are the General Zod and Superman wilds as they have unique shifting powers.

How do they work? Well, any time you land a Superman wild symbol on the reel, it shifts one position to the right. This continues until it falls off the reels. As this continues, the Zod wild will shift to the left reel until it also falls off.

Multiple Scatter Symbols

It’s not only the wild symbols that come in multiple varieties, no! Playtech has also included double scatter symbols. There’s the World Engine Scatter that will only appear on the 5th reel. There’s also the Krypton Bonus scatter that will only appear on the 5th and 7th reels only.

World Engine Bonus Game

This bonus round is triggered once the World Engine Bonus scatter lands on the 5th reel. Once activated, there are up to 7 regular wild symbols that are randomly added to the lap result. Wins from this bonus game are calculated the normal way.

**This bonus game can’t be activated if there’s any wild symbols on the reels. Furthermore, the World Engine scatter symbol plays the role of a wild during this bonus round.

Battle for Earth Bonus Game

The real excitement however happens in the Battle for Earth bonus game. Here Zod and Superman appear on the same row and the Battle for Earth bonus round starts. The two sides begin battling it out for supremacy. Unfortunately, your team (Superman’s side) will be on the losing side. The result is more of Zod’s warriors are added onto the reels as wilds creating more winning chances.

Man of Steel Online Slot

Krypton Free Spins Games

It becomes active when you land the Krypton symbol on the 5th reel. The result is a maximum of 7 free spins and a trip to a new board that has up to 50 paylines. Once you’ve landed on this new setting, you have the chance of receiving up to 10 Jor-el wild symbols, which will remain locked in their reels for the entire bonus game.

Man of Steel Progressive Jackpot

Man of Steel online slot is one of the DC Super Hero slots. These games are connected to a progressive jackpot, which grows every time someone plays the game. This means that even with every spin made on Man of Steel slot, you stand a chance of winning the pot, which is most cases exceeds the $1 million mark.

In Man of Steel, the jackpot game has 20 spaces, each holding an energy ball. These energy balls come in four different colours – Green, Blue, Yellow and Red. Each of these colours represents one of the four possible jackpots in Man of Steel slot – The Mini, The Minor, The Major and The Grand.

So how do you win any of these jackpots? Once the jackpot game becomes active, you are required to pick five selections. If you, say pick five green energy balls, you win the mini jackpot. If you pick five red energy balls, the grand jackpot is yours.


There are several version of Superman themed slots online. There’s the DC Comics Superman from NextGen that has done the comic book right and the Last Son of Krypton slot that uses state of the art 3D graphics to perfection. However, despite being released after Man of Steel slot, they don’t triumph in the most important areas. Shallow bonuses, boring gameplay and high RTPs characterized by high volatility. So, if you are looking for an expert opinion regarding the best, all round Superman themed slot, then you should give Man of Steel slot a try.

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