Joker Strike Slots

This is a 5 reel 10 paylines online slot by Quickspin. The gameplay is kept simple but catchy, a trend that Quickspin has maintained to save you the hustle of dealing with complicated games while providing quality experience on the reels. The slot’s main attraction is the Joker Strike feature that comes live on the reels with every winning combination.

This feature will see you land extra symbols of a kind on the reels and complete more winning combinations. All you need is to spin and cross your fingers for the light to stop on a lit symbol on the outer wheel.

Spin the Reels and Win

Joker Strike is played on a 5×3 setup with 10 paylines from a minimum stake size of 10p per spin to $100 maximum. Be sure to bet boldly to maximize your chances with big wins since the size of your stake and the value of your winning symbols will both determine the size of your win. Use the total bet command button to adjust your bet accordingly before you hit the spin button. Bet settings can be altered any time between spins.

Every win activates the outer wheel. If there is more in your luck basket, the light stops on the lit symbol triggering more symbols of a kind giving you a new payout. If the lit symbol is a joker wild, then two wilds will be triggered for every joker. Also rewarding is the Hi Roller feature that lets you play 5 spins with extras such as moving wilds, wild strikes, double chance wins, and guaranteed wilds.

Joker Strike from Quickspin on Vimeo.

Quickspin‘s Joker Strike has a simple design reminiscent of the present day fruit machines and features classic symbols such as clubs, hearts, spades, and diamonds. These are low paying symbols but will appear quite often to create winning combinations. High-value symbols include stars, lucky 7s, bells, and jokers. Most valued is the joker which pays 100 times your stake for landing five of a king on a single payline. The joker wild replaces regular symbols on the reels to complete winning combinations and a payout 30 times your stake if you land four of a kind on a payline.

The Joker Strike Feature 

Land a win at any one time and trigger this mind-blowing feature. The symbols in a winning combination are highlighted on the outer wheel. You’ll get a strike if the light stops on a winning symbol. More symbols of this kind will be added on the reel set leading to new payout. You are in for even better wins if one of the winning symbols is a joker wild and the wheel stops on a lit joker.

The Hi Roller Feature

Joker Strike is the first in Quickspin’s portfolio to use this feature. You’re awarded 5 linked spins which present you with one of these options:

  • $20 option – adds a joker wild to the reels, moving clockwise on each spin
  • $30 option – adds a joker wild on the reels with jokers appearing on the outer wheel
  • $50 option – the wild joker moves around the reels with additional markers on the outer wheel giving you a double chance to land a wild strike on each spin.

Using the Hi Roller feature will significantly increase the value of winning symbols in the game. For instance, achieving 5 of a kind wild wins will pay you 20 times your stake. Other symbols will pay twice the value when played in the normal mode. A joker which pays 100 times your stake in the normal mode will give you 200 times your stake in the Hi Roller Spin feature.

Here are quick highlights about Joker Strike if you’re looking for some exclusive reasons to believe in the slot:

  • The Hi Roller feature gives you an option to increase your chance with big wins
  • Simple gameplay but all fun with the Joker Strike feature and the Hi Roller option
  • The slot is such an option if you’re looking for some stripped back action with a high volatility slot

Why Play Joker Strike

Joker Strike may not be packed with many features but still offers an exciting gameplay with the Joker Strike and Hi Roller options in play. It is a high-variance slot, which means that the winnings will not occur quite often but will strike hard whenever they come by. Excellent bankroll management skills are highly recommended whenever you play Joker Strike for real money.

The maximum possible win rises to 1211 times your stake on each spin. The Hi Roller feature will increase your winning potential but will not maximize your payouts. You should also keep in mind that your chances with bigger wins are higher in the base game than they are in the Hi Roller option.

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Ashton Grewal

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